Monday, August 31, 2009

amazing coffee table

fabulous, huh? great coffee table - beadboard sides, cute little turned legs - 3 drawers (the one in the middle looks like two but it's one deep drawer) - fun carved detail black and white so it goes with any decor!
this piece sold

Saturday, August 29, 2009

another chance to personalize...

here's your chance to have a personalized headboard - twin size headboard attaches to your existing bed frame - painted a beautiful shade of pink - and you can have it personalized any way you like... options?
1 - classic monogram like you see here
2 - name
3 - word (like dream or good night or sweet dreams)
lots of fonts to choose from - everything from fancy and frilly to fun and funky (noticce the impressive use of alliteration there!)
i have this same headboard available in black (which would look way cool with lime green, hot pink, or white on it!)
these pieces still available $85

Friday, August 28, 2009

this piece is one of a kind!!

this piece has so many possibilities!!
for example:
#1 - in a kids room (it's allatoona hs colors) to hold backpacks/books/shoes/school papers
#2 - in a kitchen to house small appliances/cookbooks
#3 - in a home office to hold printers/fax machines/ office supplies
lots of possibilities!
dimensions are:
27 inches across/16 inches deep/59 1/2 inches tall
(i'm doing better on measurements. huh?)
this piece sold

more black!!!

another simple - yet classy - black dresser with brushed nickel drawer pulls...
this one has 5 drawers - the top skinny drawer - then the next two drawers each have 4 pulls and look kinda like 2 - but are really one deep drawer - then the strip of molding - then the bottom two. measurements are:
34 across/ 18 deep/ 48 1/2 tall
this piece sold

Thursday, August 27, 2009

this dresser is two things i want to be...

this dresser is the two things i want to be...
it is wealthy and intelligent. HA! only kidding
this dresser is tall and skinny!
it is a cream and black dresser - really cute
great addition to your home!
this piece sold

just showing you options...

this is the toy box i posted a while ago. don't you wish you'd bought it?? :)
just showing you so you know that there are lots of fun options for personalizing things...and remember - i can always rethunk something you already have at home!
this piece obviously....sold!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Let's get organized!!

super set of cubbies - there are nine (saved you the time of counting :D ) and there are so many ways these could be used. i have decided to showcase my top two favorites here...
#1 - could be used as a shoe cubby. i have shoes in this from my 4 year old all the way up to my 15 year old (i must say we skipped the boy - his need to be in an airtight container and handled only while wearing a hazmat suit) so i'd say any size shoe would fit. great for by the door or use it in your closet for your own nine favorite pairs of shoes. :D

#2 - could be used in a home office - give everyone in the family a cubby and that's where they put notes from school - lists of what they need - papers to sign - agendas - outgoing mail - etc.
this essential piece still available $50.00

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

your friends will be sooooo jealous!!! :)

Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! i LOVE this piece. it was so much fun!! whoever buys this has INCREDIBLE taste! tee hee i really do think it's cool. i loved the lines of this piece. details? it's a sideboard/buffet piece but would also work for those of you looking for a classy place for your flatscreen tv's - all the components would fit in the bottom cupboard, dvds on the right and left, remotes in the top two drawers...pretty awesome - am i right? painted cream - with a black top and distressed. one of a kind find!!
measurements are:
21 across (at largest point of curve) 59 1/2 long / 36 tall
this piece sold

very unique antique dresser

this one is way cute and very different from lots of what i see. i love the little drawer on top. cream color and distressed, it has four large drawers - the two in the middle are deep and awesome, and the one wee drawer on top. beautiful carving on top, on the two middle drawers and on the bottom. wooden wheels. very cool dresser!!
this piece sold

Monday, August 24, 2009

charming pink night stand

adorable night stand - little bun feet - two shades of pink (and neither shade is in the pepto bismal family!!! that's hard to do - i'll expect some compliments there!) brushed silver hardware - one drawer and bottom cabinet that looks like a little shutter opens for lots of storage! really cute in a little girls room - or i took a picture with it in my bedroom with some sparkly accents (i LOVE sparkles) and more grown up accessories.
this piece still available $60.00

blast from the past...

i haven't done one of these in a while - just a basic black dresser - kinda retro looking with silver hardware - nothing hugely fancy...but amazingly versatile and incredibly useful!!
this piece sold

THANK YOU~~~really!!!!

back safe and sound from the funeral trip - just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who wished us a safe trip and sent thoughtful messages. amazing to me that someone you don't even know can turn your whole day around just by thinking of you. i truly appreciate it!


search the desk #2 - and look at the photos - i have added a desk chair to that set and an adorable antique key drawer pull accented with a silk ribbon, beads and tassle. NOW it seems complete and NOW how can you pass it up??
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Friday, August 21, 2009

funky little end table

trying to sneak a couple more posts in before i leave...
this is a funky little thing i found...end table topped with a piece of marble...with two doors that open for lotsa storage.. whimsical little legs and hip hardware... quirky little piece. (how am i doing on my adjectives?? pretty cool huh?)
this one is priced astonishingly low because - in the spirit of full disclosure, there is one small stain on the marble. i have artfully disguised it with the wee yellow photo frame you see in the picture. you too can cover it with no problem. so...
this piece sold

Thursday, August 20, 2009


so i am leaving town for a few days for a funeral and have stressed about the fact that i won't be the last few days i have been a mad woman...i mean busy little bee- and have completed several pieces which i have posted. so here are your instructions while i am gone. each day you need to check the blog (this is good practice for those of you not already in that routine!) and notice a new piece you had not previously seen, spend a few minutes marveling at my talent, and then contact me to purchase the item.
here are the choices - all these items have been posted in the last 24 hours and so should be fresh and new to everyone... (again- i am listing the post title so you can search it in the upper left hand corner)
#1 - stunning french provincial dresser
#2 - i can personalize this
#3 - how fun it this?
#4 - way cute 2 drawer dresser
#5 - teensy little end table
#6 - funky little end table
just wanted to make sure you didn't miss anything by not browsing the previous posts!
happy shopping!

STUNNING french provincial dresser

beautiful (its not my fault - not ONE of you has e-mailed me new adjectives to use!) french provincial dresser. cream color with stunning (again, not my fault) hardware. (this is the same batch of hardware that i spent hours cleaning and sacrificed the skin on my arm and hand for - chemical burn - ouch!) i decided to kinda stage this one as a sideboard. it's fun to think "out of the box" and this doesn't just have to be a dresser. this is in my entryway and although i probably need a splash of looks really nice in the front foyer. it would also be beautiful in a dining room as a buffet...especially if your table is the queen anne style! and obviously it would look adorable in a little girl's bedroom. look around your house and i bet you'll decide there are a couple of places you could use this!
this piece sold

i can personalize this...

cool black toybox - complete with air holes in the back (kinda cracks me up - apparently incase your little one climbs in...) and safety hinge that keeps the lid from closing on little fingers. cushion on top is gorgeous paisley fabric in pinks, greens, blacks...
BUT WAIT...think how cute it would be with your child's name on the front in hot pink (or the color of your choice as long as you have good taste - ha!)
this piece sold

how fun is this?????

so let me just confess that there are things that i finish, and i stand back and i'm all proud or excited and my family will come in and in a very loving way ask something like "do you really think someone is going to buy THAT?". (and just for the record, so far, yes - someone has!) THIS piece i brought in from the garage and everyone -all six of them- loved it! it was so much fun! i started to keep it just so i could hear them praise me on a regular basis... :)
this is an antique distressed bookcase backed with brown polka dot fabric. it's painted a cream color and rubbed with an antiquing gel. super cheerful, fun and happy. lots of storage space! i didn't "fill it up" so the fabric would show in the pictures, but there is a lot of space for organizing. i took the photos in my front room and although it's a distressed "shabby chic" kinda piece it looks awesome next to my pottery barn leather chairs. so it's pretty neutral. would look good accented with all kinds of colors - i think it would even be fun in a kids room with pink accents for a girl or blues for a boy.
this piece still available $135.00

WAY cute 2 drawer dresser

so i decided to stray from my normal way of doing things and make something for a man. whooooo - am i funny or what??? seems that everything i make is for a girl! i really gotta work on that. BUT - that being said - isn't this adorable? 2 drawer dresser - cream color with silver hardware, pink accents and floral sides. would work with lots of color schemes because of all the colors in the floral pattern.
this piece still available $85.00

teensy little end table

solid wood 3 drawer end table/night stand is white, has polka dot drawer fronts and cool green drawer pulls. looks really cute in a boy's room. HA! only kidding. probably lends itself more to a girls room - but hey - decorating is very
this piece sold

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

console table

so someone needs to e-mail me ( and give me some adjectives besides beautiful, charming, gorgeous, and stunning. (and i'd rather not have suggestions like average, so-so, run of the mill, and mediocre!). i feel like i am always repeating myself...but this is a beautiful piece. a very charming console table. gorgeous carved detail. a truly stunning piece of furniture. (HA! there! i used all of my overdone adjectives!) this is actually a cool looking thing to come in and drop your mail and keys on.
this piece sold