Thursday, August 13, 2009

Desk #1 - french provincial with chair

charming french provincial desk. in awesome shape -all drawers slide easily and have beautiful hardware on them. i had to strip about 72 and a half layers of paint off of the drawers pulls. this was a labor intensive process resulting in a chemical burn on my arm and hand. who would EVER have guessed that if a mixture is strong enough to remove a boatload of old paint from metal, that it would also remove the top layer of skin from my hand and arm??? i am quite certain that will factor in as i price the desk and chair combo! hee hee set also comes with an adorable chair with the seat covered in a classy fabric that echoes the swirly pattern in the drawer pulls.
46 1/2" long, 18" wide. 29" high
this set sold


  1. I have several pieces of furniture from this collection. However, the vanity is missing two of the handles (identical to the ones in this picture). Do you happen to know where I could purchase two of these handles?

    Thank you!

  2. hope you get this answer - don't know how to reply to you any other way :)
    i have found some french provincial handles on e-bay from a dealer named "grandma's (or maybe gramma's?) closet" try her and see if you can find a couple of matching pulls - she has a big selection and is pretty reasonable!