Saturday, August 1, 2009

what i want them to know...

i think most of you know by now that i have five children - four girls and a handsome little man. my youngest is four and my oldest is fifteen. i realize this may sound insane, but i already think about the fact that my fifteen year old only has three years left at home...where does the time go?? and so i already spend time wondering if i have taught her all that i should have to prepare her to live on her own. how in the world does this relate to furniture? well...i decided that my teenagers spend an obscene amount of time "getting ready"...changing clothes, trying things on, etc - so they spend a lot of time with their dressers! (hee hee) so i decided to do a dresser that would list a few of the qualities that i want my children to have developed in our home-things that are important to their dad and i - things that i want them to see and be reminded of every day - qualities that i think will make them succcessful and happy as they start their own homes someday. i want them to believe - believe in themselves, believe that they can do anything they set their minds to, believe that they are special and talented. i want them to create - there is joy in creating, i want them to find that joy no matter what they create - whether it's an incredible dresser or a super batch of cookies, or a beautiful garden. i want them to hope - to never lose faith - to hope for a happy life. i find that for me, hope leads to "doing" and i make positive things happen in my life when i am full of hope. i want them to love. i want them to open their hearts and love others completely - to love enough to sacrifice and serve - to love enough to give and find the joy that only comes when someone else is more important than your own self. i want them to laugh! i chose to marry their dad cause he makes me laugh. laughing can change your whole mood - it can affect your health in a positive way - it can help you live longer - i want them to laugh as often as possible!! i want them to dream - i want them to set goals and work to achieve them - i want them to dream about what would make them happy and work to make that dream come true. how many of you need one of these dressers for your daughter to see every day???
(and how many of you are going to e-mail me to tell me that a furniture blog should never be this sappy?
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  1. as usual, this is beautiful Laura. I may print part of it and give it to my girls. Or better yet post it somewhere so they can't miss it each and every day.
    Thank you for your wonderful words.
    Have an amazing Monday.
    Love you tons.