Sunday, August 9, 2009

For school starting...

just wanted to let you know that i am getting ready to post two desks. thought with school starting you might be looking for some place for your kids to study. (i personally find that what i have provided is a place for them to sit and snack, or talk on the cell phone, or complain at ME that the teacher gave homework...but none-the-less i, as an amazing mother, have provided a darling location for all of that to take place!!). seriously- i do find that having a desk for each kiddo helps them be more organized and focused. so...just letting you know at this point, that two desks are coming. if you are serious about purchasing one, let me know asap and you can choose paint colors, i will personalize the desk, provide a chalkboard on top, whatever you'd like. i'll e-mail you pictures and prices and you can create. so let me know - and we'll make something unique!! happy "back-to-school" on monday!!

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