Thursday, August 20, 2009

how fun is this?????

so let me just confess that there are things that i finish, and i stand back and i'm all proud or excited and my family will come in and in a very loving way ask something like "do you really think someone is going to buy THAT?". (and just for the record, so far, yes - someone has!) THIS piece i brought in from the garage and everyone -all six of them- loved it! it was so much fun! i started to keep it just so i could hear them praise me on a regular basis... :)
this is an antique distressed bookcase backed with brown polka dot fabric. it's painted a cream color and rubbed with an antiquing gel. super cheerful, fun and happy. lots of storage space! i didn't "fill it up" so the fabric would show in the pictures, but there is a lot of space for organizing. i took the photos in my front room and although it's a distressed "shabby chic" kinda piece it looks awesome next to my pottery barn leather chairs. so it's pretty neutral. would look good accented with all kinds of colors - i think it would even be fun in a kids room with pink accents for a girl or blues for a boy.
this piece still available $135.00

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