Friday, July 31, 2009

Couldn't decide...

did a black coffee table - did a cream one - couldn't decide on this one - so it ended up having cream legs and base with a black top. pretty cool looking! has queen anne-ish legs and i like this one cause it's square - not many coffee tables are square - (rectangle seems to be the norm) and this one leaves the space nice and open while still giving you a bunch of surface area to use. solid heavy table.
This piece still available for $75.00
on sale for $60.00!!

Beautiful thomasville dresser

Gorgeous classic lines - dresser by Renovations which is a division of Thomasville Furniture. Drawers open and close unbelievably smoothly!! three drawers - all large so there's lots of storage space. would be great in a bedroom or i'm even loving it as a side table kinda storage piece in my front room!
This piece sold

Thursday, July 30, 2009

WHITE dresser!!!

so i decided to throw caution to the wind - go out on a limb - do something really daring and edgy...and i have now painted a dresser...WHITE! pretty hilarious that i have not done that before now. it's a very clean crisp look. i brought the coral color in to match the "dream-y" twin headboard set, but this dresser could go anywhere - does not have to be purchased with that set.
this piece sold
NOTE: the mirror actually goes with the twin headboard set - just shown here cause it's adorable and it matches :)

DREAM-y twin bed set

Charming one of a kind twin size bed set. Set includes:
headboard, footboard, rails, slats, decorative pillow case, and mirror.
Headboard: coral color with the word "dream" and accent painting on the posts.
Footboard, coral and white with accent painting on the posts.
Decorative pillowcase in the coral with white ric rac trim.
Mirror (pictures upon request!) large and painted coral.
I took this photo with a yellow quilt we had, but this would look great with green accents, brown would be stunning, or just white would look clean and crisp. VERY versatile set.
This set sold.
(getting ready to post a white dresser that would look super with this!)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Not black this time...

found another coffee table and decided not to go black this time. i thought the little scallop edges would look better with a creamy off white. it has cute little "turned" legs (isn't that what they call those with all the shapes and detail, or am i on crack?) and it also has two "faux" drawers. (i was all hacked off when i got it cause i was excited that it had storage and then i found out they were pretend drawers! so i'm telling you guys up front so you don't get all hacked off! hee hee) BUT even with the make believe drawers, this is still a charming coffee table!!
this piece still available $60.00
on sale for $50.00


as i get my kids ready for school...i keep thinking about all the time i am spending looking for clean school clothes and school supplies and reorganizing rooms and making sure everyone has a study spot and pushing them to get their summer reading done (did anyone else wait till the last minute on that??) and discovering that there is computer work for 3 of my five kids to complete and i'm already starting to dread packing lunches everyday and signing agendas and trying my hardest to figure out third grade math (HA! you think i'm kidding!) and as i do this and realize all the time it is occurs to me that as a must be an incredible sacrifice of time and energy. they go back before we do to get things ready and organized for i imagine teachers are already looking for clean school clothes, buying supplies with their own money, reorganizing rooms, making sure everyone has a study spot, getting ready to grade summer reading and computer work...etc, etc, etc. SO as a teensy weensy feeble attempt to say thank you for all that teachers do for my family i am having a "THANK YOU!" sale. if you are a teacher, please take 20% off of anything on the blog you might like to purchase. and know that our family truly appreciates all you do!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ballard Design shelf in cream

Classic shelf in cream color with gorgeous brackets from ballard designs.
Shelf is 49 inches long and comes apart - so you can hang the brackets at 36 inches apart on studs. (by the way - how many of you have a stud finder in your toolbox? my husband won't use one because he says it continually beeps because it is locating HIM so he feels they it's a useless tool! anyway...once the brackets are hung on the studs you just screw on the shelf and enjoy!!
this piece still available - $65.00
on sale for $50.00

ballard design shelf in black

classic black shelf. stunning brackets from ballard designs!! shelf is 48 inches long and brackets come that they can be hung 36 inches apart on the studs in order to make it extra secure (can you tell that was advice from my man?) then once the brackets are hung - you screw the shelf on with a 6 inch hangover on either side and voila' - a beautimous shelf!!!!
this shelf still available...$65.00
on sale for $50.00

Funky Black Coffee Table

Took me a minute to decide how i felt about this piece. but the more i look at it and the more i worked on it, the more i liked it. it's totally funky - the legs are round/square/oval, you name it and there is really cool carved detail all around the upper edge. it's a little smaller scale than some and so would perfect in a dorm or an apartment. it really is a FUN-ky little table!
This piece sold

For your walls! :)

There are two wall hangings here. One says Dream and is done in vibrant oranges, red, teal, purple, black on cream background. the fun part is that with both of these pieces, the pictures is changeable. a magnet attaches the acrylic 4x6 frame so you can easily change the photo. I think that's especially fun on the green one. it says celebrate and has little stars and swirls in all colors so it could go anywhere. i have five kids and my "thought" was that as one of my children makes a good grade, does a good deed, helps me around the house, is extra nice to a sibling, behaves well in church, wins the swim meet, does well at piano lessons - whatever!...their picture goes in the frame for a day or two. they LOVE being "highlighted" in any way and this is a fun way to let the whole family know that they have accomplished something worth "celebrating"!
This would be great at home, at gramma's house or even in a school classroom!
These unique pieces still available $40.00

Monday, July 27, 2009

More Words!

Another "words" dresser...solid pine dresser - this one in cream with polka dot words and flowers. 6 drawers - two small ones on top and four larger underneath. should go with any decor - polka dot colors are brown, blue, light pink, dark pink, white, orange and green - you can accent with any color at all!
this piece sold

For the Little Man in your Life!!

This is a nightstand/picture combo. The picture has a white frame and a chocolate brown matt with little cars, trucks, bikes, motorcycles zooming across it. The nightstand has one drawer accented with the same paper in the framed picture with a silver drawer pull. Storage underneath the drawer for a basket of "stuff" or books, etc.
This set still available for $65.00
on sale for $50.00

This was just embarrassing!

So i found a plant stand, and i really liked the porch rail/spindle/bottom thing piece. liked the lines of the thing. so i aged, distressed, bunged and finished it and then got all excited to take pictures and therein lies the embarrssing is i plant stand...and i have no plants. i have a black thumb and a wee pot of ivy is all i can grow. (and even that dies about once a year and i sneak out and replace it when my family isn't looking!) so...envision this piece with your hugely healthy boston fern on it. or a big ole pot of ivy and flowers. it would be beautiful in any corner, or really fun on your front porch or deck. or, i suppose, as i have it an insanely high end table! hee hee
This piece sold.


Really fun bookcase - black - back is lined with paisley and polka dot fabric. This could be used so many places. in a kids room with green or hot pink as an accent! (cool, huh?) in the kitchen to store cookbooks! this is in my living room right now with red accents, books and photos and looks pretty amazing! would even be really cute in a front entryway! lots of options - bet if you look around your house, you'll decide you HAVE to have this one! :)
This piece sold.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Got Girls...with hair???

These are some way cool hair bow holders - awesome frames - incredible fabric and covered with (drumroll please...) chicken wire!!! which enables you to clip approximately 7,341 bows to each one! These are already on the blog i think... but apparently, none of you have discovered them (translation: nobody has bought one). which means one of two things....#1 - you have not seen them because you have not gone far enough back in the posts to discover them (no excuse for that!) or #2 - you saw them, but don't really know how incredible they are. SO...i am posting them again...but mostly because i need to say thank you to Tracie who is the owner of Elequa Salon and Spa here in Acworth. (770-974-2670) They are now on display in her spa. She is amazing (and no - not because two pieces of my junk are in her store). They are a full service salon and spa (facials, waxing, cuts, color, massages, listening ears, hugs...) they offer it all. Tracie is immensely talented, takes all the time in the world with you - listens and everyone i know leaves happy and feeling beautiful (and if she can do that for ME - she's a true miracle worker). So i just needed to take a minute to say thank you and encourage all of you to take what little money you may have left after you buy MY STUFF and go see her!

these pieces still available...$37.00

Leave a Note!

Bee-Yoo-Ti-Ful framed chalkboard. Black distressed frame with gold inside edging.
Dimensions: 52 1/2 x 28 1/2
Would be a wonderful addition to:
your kitchen: recipes, grocery lists
your home office: list overdue bills for all your friends to see
(just wondering if anybody really reads this blog?)
your hallway: this is for real - we have a very UNCLASSY grease board in the hallway upstairs and some of the notes to and from my children, and some of the pictures i have found have been priceless!!!! seems a teenager will write "i love you" much more frequently than they will say it. hee hee and they leave me notes about things they need me to pick up at the store, and i can leave notes about how lovely it would be if anyone ever cleaned their room - all without the usual confrontation involved. :) this would be much lovelier than a greaseboard!!! (and when your four year old writes BESIDE the chalkboard (what the???) unlike a greaseboard pen, the chalk will wipe right off! :)
so when you consider that this is a purchase, not just of a piece to beautify and accessorize your home, but an investment in your relationship as a family...seems like quite a bargain!
28 1/2 " x 52"
this piece still available for $75.00
on sale for $60.00

Got Girls?

Adorable set of two dressers and a bookcase. Dressers each have three drawers - top one is shallow - middle one is real deep (looks like two drawers) and then a third. And each dresser has real glass knobs. Dressers are big enough to hold a bunch, but cute enough to be a bedside table too! Bookcase is backed with pink and white design. Can stand alone, or can be stacked on one of the dressers like in the pictures, as a hutch!
This would make an awesome set for two little girls sharing a room!
this set sold