Friday, August 28, 2009

this piece is one of a kind!!

this piece has so many possibilities!!
for example:
#1 - in a kids room (it's allatoona hs colors) to hold backpacks/books/shoes/school papers
#2 - in a kitchen to house small appliances/cookbooks
#3 - in a home office to hold printers/fax machines/ office supplies
lots of possibilities!
dimensions are:
27 inches across/16 inches deep/59 1/2 inches tall
(i'm doing better on measurements. huh?)
this piece sold


  1. Oh wow...perfect for homeschooling.....Why do you keep doing this to me, I'll need a fork lift and uHaul!!!

  2. I love it! It could use some Mod Podge . . . :D

  3. I want this and I can pick it up tomorrow. Please don't tell me I am too late for another piece :)