Monday, November 16, 2009

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

okay... i lied! :)

oops - i lied - i actually do have one more post...just want to ask that you subscribe to the newsletter on the website...just click on the newsletter link and it'll walk you right thru it. i won't send things everyday - just monday thru saturday - i don't work on sunday. HA!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009




(don't forget that little dash in there)

there are still some 'kinks' i have to work out but i am so excited!
this is my last blog post. (sniff sniff)
from now on i'll be posting my amazing findings on the website...not the blog. BUT - never fear - my insane, rambling, nonsense, silly, "unprofessional" (as my family tells me) commentary will be on the website - cause isn't that about as appealing as my furniture???? ha!!

website advantages?
#1 - click on the "sell" category and everything i have for sale now is listed (except the pieces that have been reduced and they are in "sale") - no more scrolling thru the blog to try and see what's available!
#2 - click on the "sale" category to see all the pieces i have reduced the price on
#3 - search for "dresser" and they'll all come up! whoa! awesome, right?
#4 - coming very shortly is the option to purchase with a credit card thru google checkout - i'm working on adding that now!

if you were incredibly kind enough to be a follower on the blog...hang in there and very soon i will be sending out an e-mail to give you the option of signing up for updates ( a little alert each time i post a piece - advance notice of sales - cool stuff like that)
i'd LOVE any feedback you have on the website - is it easy to navigate? can you find what you're looking for? any thoughts you have are welcome! and if there's a problem i'll tell the web designer i used and we'll blame it on her, right? ha!
thanks so much for taking the time to look, read, e-mail me, comment, purchase and be a part of Rethunk Junk!
see ya on the web!!!!

another beautiful bed

today is rainy and nasty...wouldn't it be awesome to set this bed up at your house and crawl into it and stay under the covers for the day?? (crud...i'd crawl into the tub if i could stay under the covers all day....alone... hee hee) this one is cream and distressed - makes the architectural lines really show up - and i think the baseboard is so cool - fun curves on the bottom and the tip of the sides curls up way great! set includes headboard, footboard, metal rails and slats.
this piece still available $135.00

Sunday, October 25, 2009


so i am frantically, desperately, and frenziedly (i think there is a wee possibility that may not be an actual word - so i'd check that out before using it at a dinner party and getting laughed at...) trying to get my website up and running. it was put together professionally and beautifully by an amazingly talented woman...and as i have taken over and tried to post some things on said website...i have messed up several crucial parts and made it less than the perfection it was. i try and finish that project...i thought i would let you know that i do indeed take paypal if you would all like to purchase a boat load of furniture on a credit card. :) i'll keep you posted on the progress of the website... i really am excited to start using it!!

take a load off :)

found a super cute bench this week (well - with all the humility i can muster, i must admit that it was NOT super cute when i met it! hee hee) but is black, distressed, adorable, useful, attractive with the awesome cushion included, comfortable, sturdy, and has amazing storage capabilities in the innerds! (really the storage area is huge! we discussed how you could quite possibly hide a boyfriend in there if your parents came home early...) which is why i need to sell this as soon as possible! HA!
this piece still available $120.00

i was never very good in math...

i saw this end table and initially giggled and walked away - thinking that somewhere there was a man who was using scraps of wood and working with his son on a project gone awry...but then i looked a little closer and it dawned on me that it was actually pretty cool and quite possibly that shape on purpose. :) it would be perfect between two chairs sitting kinda slanted beside each other! and it is! being the NON math whiz that i am (i spent my math class in high school staring dreamy eyed at my husband (we met in 10th grade) and not paying attention to much else) it took me quite some time (and finally asking my 11 year old) to figure out that this was not technically called a "skywockled rectangle shape" but rather, a trapezoid. so - this awesome, very unique, built that way on purpose, trapezoidal end table can be yours!
this piece still available $52.00

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Beautiful Desk and Chair

cute old fashioned desk - cool hardware - three drawers on each side - the bottom one is deep (looks like two in the photo - tricky, huh?) - cream, distressed and antiqued... AND
i took the time to show you in a photo (cause i'm just that thoughtful) that it looks adorable on BOTH it doesn't necessarily have to be shoved up against a wall (although that is a very viable option!) - nice thing is you HAVE options! comes with a matching chair -
useful and darling set -
these pieces still available $130.00


finished another dresser - isn't insomnia wonderful???? if you're watching carefully, you'll notice that you could put together a LOVELY bedroom choosing pieces on the blog. i have a cream full size bed (gorgeous) and a couple of cream dressers and several cream end tables available. you could create a beautiful bedroom set - and if anyone chooses to do that very thing...i will give you a discount for purchasing more than one piece (cause i'm just that thoughtful!) i am working on another full size bed right now - so keep watching!
this piece still available...$100.00

Thursday, October 22, 2009

NOT BLACK AND NOT CREAM - can you believe it???

it took all the courage i had...but i did not do this piece cream or black! i love the way the table and chair set turned out (search "gorgeous table and chairs set" to see how incredible it is) so i used the same yellow i used on that set. when it is distressed and antiqued it is so awesome. you really can't appreciate it in a photo! i loved the little iron legs on this too - and the fact that this puppy opens up and has storage room was just an extra little bonus! don't let the yellow scare you off - it really is surprisingly neutral and would be a fun little pop of color in your home!
this piece still available $54.00

GOBS of options!!

so i'm thinking this little cabinet could change your life! :) it could be used so many places! i think it would be great for storing toys - it would work in an office for storing office supplies and could have a printer/fax/phone/copier on top - it would work in a media room to hold cd's and/or dvd's - it could go in a craft room to hold craft supplies (that was one of those stupid things to say - it could go in a craft room to hold groceries?? obviously you'd put craft stuff in it in a craft room, right??) i have chosen to take photos of how useful it could be in your bathroom. since my spouse has wanted me to post something in the bathroom for a while now - i thought this would work rather nicely. look how much storage space there is!!! (and i must admit that this is the first time i have ever taken the time to roll my towels - made me feel very fancy) (and posting this made me realize we are down to two rolls of t.p. - dangerous in a family our size!!) it's been painted cream and distressed and the inside is a cool peaceful light beachy blue color...really pretty! so i'm thinking - yep - this little cabinet could change your life!
this piece still available $85.00
NOTE: wanted to give you some additional i looked at the pictures for this one, i decided if I was looking at this post i'd probly be focusing on the jewelry on that little silver tray. now... that would NOT be what you should be focusing on, but since it is ever so pretty and since i love this jewelry i went ahead and posted a larger photo of it (click on the picture and it'll get bigger so you can see it better) and i'm going to share with you where YOU can get some! (cause i'm just that thoughtful!) this is Tallulah's jewelry (notice that i never use capitals, but out of respect for the incredible women that make this jewelry, i have indeed capitalized their business name.) click on this link to see their gorgeous jewelry - all handmade - and if you're lucky enough to live close to acworth they are having a sample sale in november with up to 50% off some of the amazing pieces they create. i love how despite the fact that i am nowhere near my "goal weight" and my hair is rapidly graying and i was asked in a store the other day if i wanted the SENIOR DISCOUNT (i am NOT there yet - that took several days of crying and i STILL need therapy - more on that later...) despite those issues (and quite a few more in the appearance category) i can put on a piece of tallulah's jewelry and feel pretty. what a wonderful thing!!! if you'd like info on the sample sale coming up (location and time etc) just e-mail me at and i'll pass it along - you really should try and come!!
now go back and look at the FURNITURE where your true focus should be!! hee hee

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

bench and bookcase

the bench is new - the bookcase is a blast from the past - i think they look adorable together! the little bench would be perfect at the end of a twin bed - or in a corner - or in front of a vanity - lots of options - and i have NO CLUE why no one has purchased the darling book case! so here's what i'm gonna do...
the bookcase is listed for $85.00 but... i'm selling the bench for $45.00 and the book case for $65.00 or you can buy both for $95.00. incredible deal, huh?
these pieces still available!

no pressure here!!

so i know i always say "i love this piece" when i start a post - but this one would look so good in my bedroom it's not even funny! i really do like the molding, how it distressed and the cool hardware. it looks better in person - just is a really classy dresser. so if no one out there realizes how stunning this piece is, and if no one out there realizes what an incredible bargain my pieces are (i'm usually less than the assemble it yourself stuff at walmart!!!!), and if no one falls in love with this one - thats okay...cause i could drag it upstairs and use it myself and be very very happy! :) (since i DO realize it's stunning, an incredible bargain and i'm in love) ha ha
this piece sold

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

distressed white dresser

this is tricky to see in a photo - but it's darn cute! 5 drawer dresser - and yes - the little circles sucked me in! i thought they were unique and (WILL SOMEBODY GIVE ME SOME DAGGUM NEW ADJECTIVES??) and charming. they look (here we go again!) adorable distressed -they really "pop"! and this was an older piece so the drawer pulls were not a standard size. instead of special ordering and charging $650.00 for a dresser, i have ocassionaly been known to use bows as drawer pulls to keep costs low for you (i am SO thoughtful) but this looked ridiculous with i painted and distressed the original hardware - and it looks good! this is one of those pieces that you could use start walking around and noticing all the places you really need it - and then E-MAIL ME!!
this piece sold

prepare to be amazed!!

you will most likely want to be sitting down for this as i am now posting a
(and we all know how incredible those can be...wouldn't want to be responsible for anyone falling over due to shock or having breathing issues from the intense involuntary have a seat and get comfortable...passing out in a lazyboy isn't nearly as dangerous or uncomfortable as doing so standing up!)
this is a special order for an amazing lady...(she actually found the piece - can't take credit for that) and i got to totally rework it. i LOVE how it distressed - how expensive it looks now - how you see the awesome architectural lines - in fact i was really hoping the wonderful woman who brought it to me would NOT like it so i could buy it from her and keep it! hee hee
so here are the photos:

isn't it great now??? THAT is what rethunk junk is all about!!
this piece - of course - sold!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

you'll sleep like a baby!

i've never really understood that phrase "you'll sleep like a baby". don't babies wake up every other hour screaming for food? why would you want to sleep like that? how about "you'll sleep like a teenager on a saturday morning who knows she has chores to do when she gets up"??? might not be as catchy a phrase but MUCH more accurate if you're going for sleeping like the dead! anyway...this is a truly beautiful piece of furniture. rich cream color - scalloped edge on the headboard and foot board. headboard is accented with charming carved wood detail. set comes with headboard, footboard, cool wooden rails for each side and slats for supporting mattress. after purchasing this gorgeous bed you'll sleep like someone who just took a triple dose of Nyquil (also not catchy = but again - more accurate than "sleep like a baby") haha
this piece still available... $15o.oo

how do you stage something this ginormous???

this is a huge and quite stunning framed mirror. the mirror is 36x48 - the overall piece is
52x 62. the hardest part about these photos was getting a picture without being in it!!! then i was all proud of being able to take a photo of it and NOT show up myself... and when i went to post it, the daggum vacuum was right in the middle of the mirror's reflection - not so attractive.
this would be beautiful in an entryway - and if mirrors make a room look larger like they say, then this should turn your home into a palace!!! :)
this piece still available $175.00
(which if you shop around for a mirror this size with such an ornate frame is a SUPER deal!)

wonder why my diet plan isn't working??

first of all - THIS IS NOT AN END TABLE!!! yee haw!
chalkboard - cream, distressed and antiqued - great for office or kitchen area - i have it in my kitchen ...with a grocery list on it and i cannot for the life of me figure out why my diet isn't working... i NEVER drink sodas with sugar!
this piece sold

GORGEOUS table and chairs set

NOTICE THE USE OF YELLOW????? this was so much fun to do cause i rarely branch out into a color - figuring that neutral things will appeal to more people...but i love this set. the chairs are from the Nichols and Stone furniture company - and sell new for $795.00 each! whoa! they have really cool lines and are super sturdy and comfortable. (look up the nichols and stone furniture co on line for more info). the table has classy curved legs and seats four. after distressing and antiquing this piece has a beautiful old world charm. it really looks custom and expensive (you need to see it in person!!). would look gorgeous in a kitchen or breakfast area and can be accented with LOTS of different colors (red /black/brown/etc)

this set still available...$400.00

yes - it IS another end table...

yep - another end table...but look how cute!!! magazines and books can be stored on either side and the scalloped edges are adorable! cream and distressed to bring out the pretty curves! (and as i was foolishly asking for help staging this (seems like i take all the pictures in the same room and i was hoping to change things up a little) my husband suggested that i mix things up a little by staging this in the bathroom - i thought he was joking but...seems he always needs reading materials in there - bottom shelf for storing extra t.p. - top shelf for his cell phone incase an important business call comes in...made perfect sense to him! i chose a more classy venue...but when you purchase it - choice is yours! :)
this piece still available...$47.00

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i can explain - really!

so 5 of my last 7 posts have been end tables! let me explain...i am working for someone right now who is sucking up all my time and i can't really get anything else done but wee end tables. i said that just to tease her...but really - i am working on a project that i'm totally excited about - i'll post pictures of it soon so you can see how busy i've been. in the need to look at how awesome this little table is...
carved detail is beautiful and is on all four sides of the table - great classic legs.
now i'm wondering what's up with the glass on this table. these things stump me. if you put the glass on you have a lovely view of the innerds of the table - raw wood - nails - braces - not the kind of thing you usually decorate with. SO - being the "rethunker" that i am...i have added a plaid accent. i rather liked the way the plaid lent a masculine touch to the feminine swirls and carving. very cool and still very neutral. really pretty side table now!
aaaggghhh - i almost forgot!!! i would like to thank emma (my four year old) for loaning me her "tree" as part of the focal point of the staging! i am thinking the artistic genes have been passed to the next generation, wouldn't you agree??
this piece sold

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

another end table...maybe i AM in a rut... yipes!

so you know how i usually start my posts with "i love this" or "this is one of my favorites" or "i totally fell in love with this piece" or something along those lines....well... i don't really like this one. HA! seriously...i have always thought "what the heck?" on the little top shelf thing. how convenient is it to lean all up and reach inside the bottom shelf area?? how useful it that? but before my husband (who is in sales) comes over and slaps me (with love) for being a horrific sales person, let me say that in the end - i DID fall in love with this piece. first i decided that nothing needs to be smashed in the bottom under that top shelf. second nothing huge has to go on the top shelf - my little birds and a coaster worked great. third - how can you not like the lines of this - i wish I had legs like that...slender and a gorgeous shape! and the spindles and carved pieces on the sides are awesome. so i really actually DO like this piece - it's black and distressed and very pretty!! but since it started out not being my favorite
this piece still available $2.00
HA! no i'm only kidding
this piece still available $42.00