Thursday, August 20, 2009

STUNNING french provincial dresser

beautiful (its not my fault - not ONE of you has e-mailed me new adjectives to use!) french provincial dresser. cream color with stunning (again, not my fault) hardware. (this is the same batch of hardware that i spent hours cleaning and sacrificed the skin on my arm and hand for - chemical burn - ouch!) i decided to kinda stage this one as a sideboard. it's fun to think "out of the box" and this doesn't just have to be a dresser. this is in my entryway and although i probably need a splash of looks really nice in the front foyer. it would also be beautiful in a dining room as a buffet...especially if your table is the queen anne style! and obviously it would look adorable in a little girl's bedroom. look around your house and i bet you'll decide there are a couple of places you could use this!
this piece sold

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