Tuesday, September 29, 2009

our loss is your gain....

i'm sure you're wondering about the first photo in this post - why let me explain!!!
so here's the deal - this is a fabulous trundle bed! had it in my son's room till inexplicably he stopped sleeping in it. flat out refused. here is why...

spouse (who thinks he has QUITE the sense of humor) removed the mattress from the trundle part and climbed in - how the heck he "closed" himself i'll never know... but then poor son comes in = climbs peacefully in bed - wonderful mother that i am i kiss him goodnight and turn off the lights. you see where this is going? all the sudden son hears growls and scratching under his bed. i would dare say a child has rarely been as traumatized as son was at this particular moment! TRULY there was some sort of monster under there! (which is the only way to describe his ever so funny father at this point in time) replacing the mattress in it's designated spot did nothing to convince son that it was a one time occurance based on the fact that his dad is an idiot. so the only option was to list the trundle bed for sale - with advice not to try this in your own home - unless you too are willing to sell it - and incidentally - we'd really like to sell this one - we need the cash to pay for therapy for the son!
my spouse is still laughing and quite certain some father out there will purchase it just to try the same demented trick in his own home!
this piece - by stanley furniture SOLD
NOTE: set does not include mattresses - we thought you might want "fresh"ones hee hee
SOOOO...back to the first photo in this post...
the only way to facilitate a good nights sleep at this point?
no bed at all now...just a mattress...flat on the ground -
no room for a monster under there ...or a freaky dad! :)
ahhhhh - the joys of parenting...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

basset china hutch

this is a wee bit retro - not lotsa carving, clean lines, little curve to the front, three drawers on the right, cabinet on the left, fun legs and the hutch part has lotsa neat little compartments to fill instead of the regular straight shelves. it's backed with a classy red print fabric. this piece has not been distressed or antiqued ... i couldn't decide...so i ended up deciding that i'm letting you decide. if you want the piece let me know if you want it as it is - or if (for no extra charge) you'd like it distressed and antiqued. seems like a matter of personal taste with this piece. if you're going retro-ish you probly want it left alone - if you like the other look, i think distressing it would make the drawers pop and it would be way cool. you decide!
this piece still available $220.00

Saturday, September 26, 2009

adorable chld size dresser

white dresser with pink hardware - drawers on the left hand side and a cabinet on the right side - (can be used for storage or actually has a rod for hanging clothes that pulls out - totally cool, huh?) really cute piece - my thirteen year old loved it for clothes and stashing backpack and school stuff in the cabinet. you could add a pad to the top and it would make a way cool changing table with lots of storage for a nursery. would be good in a playroom for organizing toys- larger toys could go in the cabinet...
as with my other pieces...this is so versatile it's unreal! :)
this piece sold

Thursday, September 24, 2009

rainbows make me happy

this bed makes me happy - my thought is "how could you sleep in that and be crabby??"
it's so cheerful and fun - (and so with that thought in mind, i must be insane not to be keeping it for my 15 yr old - ha! only kidding- love you honey!)
(like she ever reads my blog - just covering my tracks)
(ha again sweetie - you are my life!)
anywho - this is a white jenny lind bed - solid painted wood - rails, slats, comforter and two matching decorative pillows = all in a mood altering rainbow design.
this set sold

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dining room makeover part two

This is my first before/after post - this was an incredible amount of work - but insanely satisfying due to the amazing transformation! i must say i have impressed even myself! hee hee
so here is the BEFORE:
spend a few moments appreciating the outdated 60's feel, the chunky look of the wood, the outdated hardware, the brass hinges, the overall less than stunningness of the piece...
i'll give you a moment to look without talking...

now here is the AFTER:
watch that you don't gasp too loudly and startle those around you!
take a few minutes and appreciate the stunning paint job - the beauty of the now distressed and antiqued wood, the way the crown molding pops and is a thing of beauty, the classic hardware, and lack of brass - in fact lets take a moment of quiet reflection to appreciate the transformation and my incredible talents.

now...go look thru your house and find something that i can transform for YOU!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

stunning full size bedroom set

this is a bedroom set that includes:
mattress and boxspring
all you really need to complete it is a nightstand
(which i'm sure you'll find on my site - check out the black and gingham nightstand!)
this is a fun set cause it's streamlined and retro
(not a lot of carving or curves and awesome chrome drawer pulls)
but at the same time, it's warm and welcoming
(rich black paint color and beautitul fabric accent on headboard)
would make a stunning guest room (remember all the holiday guests coming???)
or a fabulous redo for a teenager. (bed is full size so i was personally thinking one person - not two - but if you really crave togetherness...?) tee hee
and -- incidentally -- someone better purchase this (or at LEAST comment on how attractive it is...) cause it was quite a bit of trouble to set it all up !! :)
this set sold
NOTE: i have additional fabric and can make two matching decorative pillowcases for an additional 25 dollars

Sunday, September 20, 2009

broyhill dresser

is this beautimous, or what? i think it's "loverly" (that's from 'my fair lady' - isn't that a fabulous movie????). cream, distressed, antiqued, and ready for a place of honor in your home!
and you will be thrilled to know that this dresser matches the night stand i just posted!!!!
i am not locked into selling them as a set - (although both the nite stand and dresser have approached me separately and asked to stay together - so it would make THEM happy - but it really doesn't matter to me)
this piece sold

broyhill night stand

so you really have to see this little guy in person! cream, distressed, oil rubbed bronze hardware, cool molding, fun carved detail at the bottom and best of all...
(drumroll please)...
...dramatic pause...
there is a MATCHING DRESSER!!!!
how lucky can you get, right?
this piece sold

Saturday, September 19, 2009

black and gingham

broyhill end table - (don't you love when it's a name brand??) perfect in a bedroom or a living room - black, distressed, gingham ties. this one even had handles on the sides - how cute is that? adorable and versatile - you'll love this in your home!
this piece still available $75

very unique coffee table

i thought this was pretty cool. (you know - that really is one of those "understood" things that i don't need to say - how stupid would it be to start a post with "this is ONE UGLY piece!!! but i thought maybe someone out there with horrible taste..." obviously i like the pieces i purchase!)
painted cream and black (how fun is that?!? this is the first time i have done the drawers a different color - way "out there" on a decorating limb, huh?)
two drawers. bottom is a normal under-achiever drawer - but the TOP....well the TOP opens to reveal some really cool, really clean black velvet which will nicely showcase anything you would like to display! i chose to display items that focused on my family because i am loving and good, but you could display shallow things like memoirs from the beach/ocean, momentos from family vacations, black and white photos would be cool, collections of anything small enough to fit - like i would not advice trying to fit your antique car collection - i'd maybe go with stamps...
this piece sold

Friday, September 18, 2009

EXQUISITE side table!!

did you notice in the title that i've got a new adjective??? i love this little table!!! i love the carved detail - i love that it's round - i love the legs - i love how it looks after i painted it cream - i love how it looks after i distressed it - i love love love it! in fact = i think we should all take a quite moment of reflection, look back thru the photos and consider not only purchasing it, but offering more than the asking price based on it's incredible darlingness! (like that word? i made it up myself - i can paint AND talk good!)
this piece sold
dimensions: 24 across and 21 tall

Thursday, September 17, 2009

happy bookcase!

before i forget again - i am STARTING with dimensions!!
27 acorss/17 deep/37 tall
whew! got that out of the way!
this is an enchanting bookcase! (remember when i asked for help with adjectives?? i only got ONE response! so thank you very much cami!! i'm using them now! )
so anywho - this is an enchanting bookcase - marvelous cream colored paint job - backed with bewitching (that's a good one she came up with, huh?) black and cream swirled fabric.
really delightful piece!
this piece still available $85.00

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dining Room Makeover - Part One

i am now working on redoing a friend's dining room. yep - pretty much the whole room - how exciting is that??? it's a little stressful cause she's insanely classy and i want her to love it - but mostly it's just a ton of fun! the first photos are of her PREVIOUS chairs. sadly, her table matched them(tee hee) - but (imagine a little "twinkle" sound here... ) voila! no longer!! the table looks gobs better! creamy and distressed, it's updated and ready to set the tone for a whole new look!!
watch for:
Part Two - new chairs
Part Three - the hutch
Part Four - window treatments and
Part Five - the whole incredible room!!
and again - let me encourage you to be as wise, thrifty and amazing as my friend by contacting me to rework some of YOUR furniture...remember Thanksgiving is coming up - don't you want to update your dining room, guest room, living room before company comes?
(or possibly you don't want your home to be too comfortable or attractive so the company won't stay that long? completely understandable! in that case - call me the first of the year) hee hee

this one's pretty rare!!

this is a really uber cool map table. look at the photos that i artfully captured and you can see that each of the three drawers slide all the way thru either direction. this is not an easy piece to find - not something that you see everyday - it's a fun and useful coffee table - lots of storage (for skinny stuff - ha ha) -and i realize that this particular one is not "new" - but pottery barn sells a similar table for 600 bucks. this would be a fun conversation piece...so if you're someone who never has a clue what to talk about you need this - "hey - how 'bout my cool table..." - breaks the ice every time!
this piece sold

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

your gonna like this a whole "bench" !

i thought this bench had really cool lines. i liked the legs, the carving on the sides and the little turned arms. it looks cute in a front entryway - i have even showcased it with a splash of color (red in this case, but lots of other colors would do!) and i also took a couple pictures of it as an "end of the bed bench" which was pretty tricky since there is no black whatsoever in my bedroom! i thinks it's really cool...but right now i have chosen the manly colors of "blush" (read pink) and celery (read green) specifically with my husband in mind. bah ha ha ...but anywho - that isn't the point of this post. point is that i have for sale an incredibly versatile piece of furniture that you really need in your home!
this piece sold

Monday, September 14, 2009

i've never seen one like this before...

i have never seen an end table with lines like this - but i thought it was totally cool!!!! the little spindles on the bottom are adorable - and WAY stinkin' hard to paint!!!- the back piece reminds me of the back of a chair..... darling - but again - hard to paint... if you look at the second photo you can see the charming carving on the drawer front - this piece has tons of personality - it's really very unique - i have it in my bedroom in this photo - but it could go anywhere you need a little side table. painted cream, distressed, little glass knobs...
this piece sold

adorable chalkboard!!!

okay - so if you follow the blog at all, you already know that i think that chalkboards could indeed play a role in bringing about world peace. so i don't need to go into details there...
instead, let's all take a moment and look at the "miley face" my four year old drew on this chalkboard...could it BE any more darling? (and the unibrow is hair for all of you who are wondering! no receding hairlines in our family - apparently they are descending hair lines. haha) if you have all gone "aaaaawwwww" over the "miley face", then let's shift our attention and focus for a moment on the fact that she wrote her name - (emma) beside the drawing - thus proving to the world that she is insanely intelligent.
we took a moment to look at those things so i could prove to you that this chalkboard will make you happy - you felt a wee bit happy seeing what my daughter drew, right??? just think how happy you'll be looking at works of art your OWN family creates!! (although how on earth you'll be able to erase what's on there is BEYOND me!!)
and my four year old loved this - but so did my fifteen year old!!!!!
beautiful carved, distressed frame with happy pink chalkboard
this piece still available $48.00