Saturday, September 19, 2009

very unique coffee table

i thought this was pretty cool. (you know - that really is one of those "understood" things that i don't need to say - how stupid would it be to start a post with "this is ONE UGLY piece!!! but i thought maybe someone out there with horrible taste..." obviously i like the pieces i purchase!)
painted cream and black (how fun is that?!? this is the first time i have done the drawers a different color - way "out there" on a decorating limb, huh?)
two drawers. bottom is a normal under-achiever drawer - but the TOP....well the TOP opens to reveal some really cool, really clean black velvet which will nicely showcase anything you would like to display! i chose to display items that focused on my family because i am loving and good, but you could display shallow things like memoirs from the beach/ocean, momentos from family vacations, black and white photos would be cool, collections of anything small enough to fit - like i would not advice trying to fit your antique car collection - i'd maybe go with stamps...
this piece sold

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