Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dining room makeover part two

This is my first before/after post - this was an incredible amount of work - but insanely satisfying due to the amazing transformation! i must say i have impressed even myself! hee hee
so here is the BEFORE:
spend a few moments appreciating the outdated 60's feel, the chunky look of the wood, the outdated hardware, the brass hinges, the overall less than stunningness of the piece...
i'll give you a moment to look without talking...

now here is the AFTER:
watch that you don't gasp too loudly and startle those around you!
take a few minutes and appreciate the stunning paint job - the beauty of the now distressed and antiqued wood, the way the crown molding pops and is a thing of beauty, the classic hardware, and lack of brass - in fact lets take a moment of quiet reflection to appreciate the transformation and my incredible talents.

now...go look thru your house and find something that i can transform for YOU!


  1. Laura, That is a beautiful piece!!! You did a great job!!!!

  2. Hey Laura,

    What a transformation! Would you tell me what colors of paint you used, or was it just the off white? Any tips for getting this look?


  3. Now, that I have my breathe back...Gorgeous! Did you replace the top hinges? or hide them?

  4. thereasa: thanks! (you made me laugh) i got lucky and the ever so attractive part you see that is now gone was just something that someone on crack had nailed on there to add beauty. ha! it was purely decorative so i undecorated it :)