Friday, September 11, 2009

special order for someone...

this was such a fun project! someone brought me a dresser that needed some love - one of the drawers was not "functional" (read "broken all to bits" hee hee) and so we turned the top area into a shelf for a dvd player, etc - tv goes on top - first drawer is a perfect fit for storing dvd's... turned into a fun peace! ha ha (i am so very witty!) so now look around YOUR home, and bring me something to rework for YOU!
this peace sold :)

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  1. Laura, We all absolutely love this and cannot wait to come and pick it up! Even my husband is very happy with it and is glad to see his boyhood furniture usable again. You really outdid yourself and created exactly what we wished for! Especially considering you practically had to remake it (ha/ha)...Thank you so much. Now I'm going to go look around for more things to bring you! Thanks again! Stacy