Tuesday, September 29, 2009

our loss is your gain....

i'm sure you're wondering about the first photo in this post - why let me explain!!!
so here's the deal - this is a fabulous trundle bed! had it in my son's room till inexplicably he stopped sleeping in it. flat out refused. here is why...

spouse (who thinks he has QUITE the sense of humor) removed the mattress from the trundle part and climbed in - how the heck he "closed" himself i'll never know... but then poor son comes in = climbs peacefully in bed - wonderful mother that i am i kiss him goodnight and turn off the lights. you see where this is going? all the sudden son hears growls and scratching under his bed. i would dare say a child has rarely been as traumatized as son was at this particular moment! TRULY there was some sort of monster under there! (which is the only way to describe his ever so funny father at this point in time) replacing the mattress in it's designated spot did nothing to convince son that it was a one time occurance based on the fact that his dad is an idiot. so the only option was to list the trundle bed for sale - with advice not to try this in your own home - unless you too are willing to sell it - and incidentally - we'd really like to sell this one - we need the cash to pay for therapy for the son!
my spouse is still laughing and quite certain some father out there will purchase it just to try the same demented trick in his own home!
this piece - by stanley furniture SOLD
NOTE: set does not include mattresses - we thought you might want "fresh"ones hee hee
SOOOO...back to the first photo in this post...
the only way to facilitate a good nights sleep at this point?
no bed at all now...just a mattress...flat on the ground -
no room for a monster under there ...or a freaky dad! :)
ahhhhh - the joys of parenting...

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  1. THat is quite a story, poor little guy! THat is such a dad thing that T pulled, you better be on your toes!