Sunday, September 27, 2009

basset china hutch

this is a wee bit retro - not lotsa carving, clean lines, little curve to the front, three drawers on the right, cabinet on the left, fun legs and the hutch part has lotsa neat little compartments to fill instead of the regular straight shelves. it's backed with a classy red print fabric. this piece has not been distressed or antiqued ... i couldn't i ended up deciding that i'm letting you decide. if you want the piece let me know if you want it as it is - or if (for no extra charge) you'd like it distressed and antiqued. seems like a matter of personal taste with this piece. if you're going retro-ish you probly want it left alone - if you like the other look, i think distressing it would make the drawers pop and it would be way cool. you decide!
this piece still available $220.00

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