Monday, September 14, 2009

adorable chalkboard!!!

okay - so if you follow the blog at all, you already know that i think that chalkboards could indeed play a role in bringing about world peace. so i don't need to go into details there...
instead, let's all take a moment and look at the "miley face" my four year old drew on this chalkboard...could it BE any more darling? (and the unibrow is hair for all of you who are wondering! no receding hairlines in our family - apparently they are descending hair lines. haha) if you have all gone "aaaaawwwww" over the "miley face", then let's shift our attention and focus for a moment on the fact that she wrote her name - (emma) beside the drawing - thus proving to the world that she is insanely intelligent.
we took a moment to look at those things so i could prove to you that this chalkboard will make you happy - you felt a wee bit happy seeing what my daughter drew, right??? just think how happy you'll be looking at works of art your OWN family creates!! (although how on earth you'll be able to erase what's on there is BEYOND me!!)
and my four year old loved this - but so did my fifteen year old!!!!!
beautiful carved, distressed frame with happy pink chalkboard
this piece still available $48.00

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