Friday, September 4, 2009

chunky little side table

not long ago i posted a piece of furniture that was "what i wanted to be" - tall and skinny! well this piece just happens to be what i am...short and chunky. hee hee (well now actually that's not true - i'm not really short!) this little piece really is just what the title of the post says - a chunky little side table. two drawers, painted cream, black hardware.
dimensions: 24 across/ 17 deep/ 23 1/2 tall
this piece sold
NOTE: in reference to the top photo on this post...i would like to take a moment to pay tribute to my sister in arizona. today i received a package in the mail - it was so exciting - she sent me the darling bird and the adorable box you see there for my birthday...which was in MAY.
(ha ha) and she actually requested that i feature her on my blog. (the nerve! right?) in leu of a photo of her (which i do not have) i will just take a second to describe her...
she's awesome!
that about sums it up!
love you juj!!!!!

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