Sunday, October 25, 2009

i was never very good in math...

i saw this end table and initially giggled and walked away - thinking that somewhere there was a man who was using scraps of wood and working with his son on a project gone awry...but then i looked a little closer and it dawned on me that it was actually pretty cool and quite possibly that shape on purpose. :) it would be perfect between two chairs sitting kinda slanted beside each other! and it is! being the NON math whiz that i am (i spent my math class in high school staring dreamy eyed at my husband (we met in 10th grade) and not paying attention to much else) it took me quite some time (and finally asking my 11 year old) to figure out that this was not technically called a "skywockled rectangle shape" but rather, a trapezoid. so - this awesome, very unique, built that way on purpose, trapezoidal end table can be yours!
this piece still available $52.00

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