Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i can explain - really!

so 5 of my last 7 posts have been end tables! let me explain...i am working for someone right now who is sucking up all my time and i can't really get anything else done but wee end tables. i said that just to tease her...but really - i am working on a project that i'm totally excited about - i'll post pictures of it soon so you can see how busy i've been. in the need to look at how awesome this little table is...
carved detail is beautiful and is on all four sides of the table - great classic legs.
now i'm wondering what's up with the glass on this table. these things stump me. if you put the glass on you have a lovely view of the innerds of the table - raw wood - nails - braces - not the kind of thing you usually decorate with. SO - being the "rethunker" that i am...i have added a plaid accent. i rather liked the way the plaid lent a masculine touch to the feminine swirls and carving. very cool and still very neutral. really pretty side table now!
aaaggghhh - i almost forgot!!! i would like to thank emma (my four year old) for loaning me her "tree" as part of the focal point of the staging! i am thinking the artistic genes have been passed to the next generation, wouldn't you agree??
this piece sold


  1. I just stummbled across this blog and am in LOVE! Your work is inspiring! Love it all. Just a question, How do you use fabric for backing? DO you mod podge does it say on? Thanks

  2. yep- mod podge is the secret ingredient! works wonderfully - email me if you have any questions - i'd be happy to answer anything you'd like to know