Tuesday, October 27, 2009




(don't forget that little dash in there)

there are still some 'kinks' i have to work out but i am so excited!
this is my last blog post. (sniff sniff)
from now on i'll be posting my amazing findings on the website...not the blog. BUT - never fear - my insane, rambling, nonsense, silly, "unprofessional" (as my family tells me) commentary will be on the website - cause isn't that about as appealing as my furniture???? ha!!

website advantages?
#1 - click on the "sell" category and everything i have for sale now is listed (except the pieces that have been reduced and they are in "sale") - no more scrolling thru the blog to try and see what's available!
#2 - click on the "sale" category to see all the pieces i have reduced the price on
#3 - search for "dresser" and they'll all come up! whoa! awesome, right?
#4 - coming very shortly is the option to purchase with a credit card thru google checkout - i'm working on adding that now!

if you were incredibly kind enough to be a follower on the blog...hang in there and very soon i will be sending out an e-mail to give you the option of signing up for updates ( a little alert each time i post a piece - advance notice of sales - cool stuff like that)
i'd LOVE any feedback you have on the website - is it easy to navigate? can you find what you're looking for? any thoughts you have are welcome! and if there's a problem i'll tell the web designer i used and we'll blame it on her, right? ha!
thanks so much for taking the time to look, read, e-mail me, comment, purchase and be a part of Rethunk Junk!
see ya on the web!!!!

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