Wednesday, October 21, 2009

no pressure here!!

so i know i always say "i love this piece" when i start a post - but this one would look so good in my bedroom it's not even funny! i really do like the molding, how it distressed and the cool hardware. it looks better in person - just is a really classy dresser. so if no one out there realizes how stunning this piece is, and if no one out there realizes what an incredible bargain my pieces are (i'm usually less than the assemble it yourself stuff at walmart!!!!), and if no one falls in love with this one - thats okay...cause i could drag it upstairs and use it myself and be very very happy! :) (since i DO realize it's stunning, an incredible bargain and i'm in love) ha ha
this piece sold


  1. so pretty, ups to me right away!

  2. this is a really pretty piece. I do love the handles. And you know how particular I am about handles!