Tuesday, October 13, 2009

another end table...maybe i AM in a rut... yipes!

so you know how i usually start my posts with "i love this" or "this is one of my favorites" or "i totally fell in love with this piece" or something along those lines....well... i don't really like this one. HA! seriously...i have always thought "what the heck?" on the little top shelf thing. how convenient is it to lean all up and reach inside the bottom shelf area?? how useful it that? but before my husband (who is in sales) comes over and slaps me (with love) for being a horrific sales person, let me say that in the end - i DID fall in love with this piece. first i decided that nothing needs to be smashed in the bottom under that top shelf. second nothing huge has to go on the top shelf - my little birds and a coaster worked great. third - how can you not like the lines of this - i wish I had legs like that...slender and a gorgeous shape! and the spindles and carved pieces on the sides are awesome. so i really actually DO like this piece - it's black and distressed and very pretty!! but since it started out not being my favorite
this piece still available $2.00
HA! no i'm only kidding
this piece still available $42.00

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