Sunday, October 18, 2009

you'll sleep like a baby!

i've never really understood that phrase "you'll sleep like a baby". don't babies wake up every other hour screaming for food? why would you want to sleep like that? how about "you'll sleep like a teenager on a saturday morning who knows she has chores to do when she gets up"??? might not be as catchy a phrase but MUCH more accurate if you're going for sleeping like the dead! anyway...this is a truly beautiful piece of furniture. rich cream color - scalloped edge on the headboard and foot board. headboard is accented with charming carved wood detail. set comes with headboard, footboard, cool wooden rails for each side and slats for supporting mattress. after purchasing this gorgeous bed you'll sleep like someone who just took a triple dose of Nyquil (also not catchy = but again - more accurate than "sleep like a baby") haha
this piece still available... $15o.oo

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  1. heh. I like your phrases much better. more accurate.