Sunday, October 25, 2009

take a load off :)

found a super cute bench this week (well - with all the humility i can muster, i must admit that it was NOT super cute when i met it! hee hee) but is black, distressed, adorable, useful, attractive with the awesome cushion included, comfortable, sturdy, and has amazing storage capabilities in the innerds! (really the storage area is huge! we discussed how you could quite possibly hide a boyfriend in there if your parents came home early...) which is why i need to sell this as soon as possible! HA!
this piece still available $120.00


  1. i ALWAYS forget to post dimensions - sorry you had to ask! here you go...
    46 across
    18 1/2 deep
    38 tall
    let me know if i can answer any other questions!

  2. Found you from This bench is A-MAZING!!! I love the fabric on the bench seat. Someday I will have an entryway and something like this will grace it's presence:)
    Lissa @