Tuesday, October 20, 2009

prepare to be amazed!!

you will most likely want to be sitting down for this as i am now posting a
(and we all know how incredible those can be...wouldn't want to be responsible for anyone falling over due to shock or having breathing issues from the intense involuntary gasping...so have a seat and get comfortable...passing out in a lazyboy isn't nearly as dangerous or uncomfortable as doing so standing up!)
this is a special order for an amazing lady...(she actually found the piece - can't take credit for that) and i got to totally rework it. i LOVE how it distressed - how expensive it looks now - how you see the awesome architectural lines - in fact i was really hoping the wonderful woman who brought it to me would NOT like it so i could buy it from her and keep it! hee hee
so here are the photos:

isn't it great now??? THAT is what rethunk junk is all about!!
this piece - of course - sold!

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