Saturday, October 24, 2009

Beautiful Desk and Chair

cute old fashioned desk - cool hardware - three drawers on each side - the bottom one is deep (looks like two in the photo - tricky, huh?) - cream, distressed and antiqued... AND
i took the time to show you in a photo (cause i'm just that thoughtful) that it looks adorable on BOTH it doesn't necessarily have to be shoved up against a wall (although that is a very viable option!) - nice thing is you HAVE options! comes with a matching chair -
useful and darling set -
these pieces still available $130.00


  1. Hi my name is Kalen, and I live in downtown Acworth. I'm very interested in his deck and chair. I was wondering if you could tell me the dimensions of the desk, specifically the desk top? Thanks so much!

  2. 42 across
    20 deep
    30 tall
    sorry - i totally should post measurements with each piece!! let me know if i can answer any other questions!!! have a super day-

  3. oh - yep - there is indeed a drawer in the middle! :)