Thursday, October 22, 2009

GOBS of options!!

so i'm thinking this little cabinet could change your life! :) it could be used so many places! i think it would be great for storing toys - it would work in an office for storing office supplies and could have a printer/fax/phone/copier on top - it would work in a media room to hold cd's and/or dvd's - it could go in a craft room to hold craft supplies (that was one of those stupid things to say - it could go in a craft room to hold groceries?? obviously you'd put craft stuff in it in a craft room, right??) i have chosen to take photos of how useful it could be in your bathroom. since my spouse has wanted me to post something in the bathroom for a while now - i thought this would work rather nicely. look how much storage space there is!!! (and i must admit that this is the first time i have ever taken the time to roll my towels - made me feel very fancy) (and posting this made me realize we are down to two rolls of t.p. - dangerous in a family our size!!) it's been painted cream and distressed and the inside is a cool peaceful light beachy blue color...really pretty! so i'm thinking - yep - this little cabinet could change your life!
this piece still available $85.00
NOTE: wanted to give you some additional i looked at the pictures for this one, i decided if I was looking at this post i'd probly be focusing on the jewelry on that little silver tray. now... that would NOT be what you should be focusing on, but since it is ever so pretty and since i love this jewelry i went ahead and posted a larger photo of it (click on the picture and it'll get bigger so you can see it better) and i'm going to share with you where YOU can get some! (cause i'm just that thoughtful!) this is Tallulah's jewelry (notice that i never use capitals, but out of respect for the incredible women that make this jewelry, i have indeed capitalized their business name.) click on this link to see their gorgeous jewelry - all handmade - and if you're lucky enough to live close to acworth they are having a sample sale in november with up to 50% off some of the amazing pieces they create. i love how despite the fact that i am nowhere near my "goal weight" and my hair is rapidly graying and i was asked in a store the other day if i wanted the SENIOR DISCOUNT (i am NOT there yet - that took several days of crying and i STILL need therapy - more on that later...) despite those issues (and quite a few more in the appearance category) i can put on a piece of tallulah's jewelry and feel pretty. what a wonderful thing!!! if you'd like info on the sample sale coming up (location and time etc) just e-mail me at and i'll pass it along - you really should try and come!!
now go back and look at the FURNITURE where your true focus should be!! hee hee

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  1. I love this one! I really like blue inside shelves and cabinets and stuff. Hmmmm...maybe in the studio.
    thanks for the shout out!