Thursday, July 23, 2009

Got Girls...with hair???

These are some way cool hair bow holders - awesome frames - incredible fabric and covered with (drumroll please...) chicken wire!!! which enables you to clip approximately 7,341 bows to each one! These are already on the blog i think... but apparently, none of you have discovered them (translation: nobody has bought one). which means one of two things....#1 - you have not seen them because you have not gone far enough back in the posts to discover them (no excuse for that!) or #2 - you saw them, but don't really know how incredible they are. SO...i am posting them again...but mostly because i need to say thank you to Tracie who is the owner of Elequa Salon and Spa here in Acworth. (770-974-2670) They are now on display in her spa. She is amazing (and no - not because two pieces of my junk are in her store). They are a full service salon and spa (facials, waxing, cuts, color, massages, listening ears, hugs...) they offer it all. Tracie is immensely talented, takes all the time in the world with you - listens and everyone i know leaves happy and feeling beautiful (and if she can do that for ME - she's a true miracle worker). So i just needed to take a minute to say thank you and encourage all of you to take what little money you may have left after you buy MY STUFF and go see her!

these pieces still available...$37.00

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  1. Laura - I want one! When can I come by? ps - I love Tracie at Elequa, too :)