Tuesday, July 14, 2009


hope no one out there is holding their breath on the $17,000 antique linen chest. that thing is taking FOREVER!! almost done sanding (finding that having skin on your hands is highly over-rated - i seem to be doing just fine "skinless") now i gotta choose paint colors!...which should be fun but i keep thinking about house hunting...always thought that would be so fun, carefree and rewarding. instead it was a stress - a huge stress (what can we afford? where are the best schools? what work has to be done on this one? HOW far from mom are we now?, i thought we agreed a jacuzzi tub was essential....) am i the only one that had a stressful time house hunting?? anywho - i kinda feel stressed now - after 732 hours of sanding and stripping (stripping the FURNITURE - tee hee) and sacrificing the skin on both hands, i feel more than a little concerned about choosing the correct paint color so that someone will come up wih the required $17,000!

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