Monday, July 27, 2009

This was just embarrassing!

So i found a plant stand, and i really liked the porch rail/spindle/bottom thing piece. liked the lines of the thing. so i aged, distressed, bunged and finished it and then got all excited to take pictures and therein lies the embarrssing is i plant stand...and i have no plants. i have a black thumb and a wee pot of ivy is all i can grow. (and even that dies about once a year and i sneak out and replace it when my family isn't looking!) so...envision this piece with your hugely healthy boston fern on it. or a big ole pot of ivy and flowers. it would be beautiful in any corner, or really fun on your front porch or deck. or, i suppose, as i have it an insanely high end table! hee hee
This piece sold.

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