Thursday, July 16, 2009

You can personalize this!

This is a five drawer dresser - kakhi color with black hardware and little bun feet. You can purchase it like it is (which is pretty super!) :) for 65...OR for an extra 20 bucks (that would be a total of 85 for those of you who are "mathly" challenged) i can label the drawers for you. there is a picture here of two drawers with an example (not permanently attached incase someone wants it plain). Drawers could say shirts, pants, pj's - whatever you'd like! This would be perfect for a little boy's room - i realize lots of what i do is more geared towards girls (maybe cause i have four??) but this would be great for a little man! And i am very interested in how this one goes cause i LOVE the words, but i have a spouse and child (won't use Tom or Lindsey's names here) that tell me that it won't sell with the words. Hmmmmm.....
This piece still sold.

1 comment:

  1. I love it. I pretty much love everything that you do. I drool over all of your pretty pieces. Tell Tom that black and green go together like peas and carrots!