Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Let's do this one together!!

i have a new dresser i'm working on. as i have sanded and chipped and primed and removed old yucky hardware and thought and planned, i can see so many uses for this piece. i can see it in a dining room with classic lamps on each end and used as a buffet piece, i can see it in a little girls room with flowers on the drawers, i can see another "words" dresser (if you're new to the blog you'll wanna search that one), i can see chalkboard insets on each drawer for labeling it yourself - or letting your teenager do that (mine loves hers!) i can see it in a boys room - lots and lots of possibilities. so i decided to let YOU choose. let me know what you want! where would you like to put it? what colors would you like? what hardware do you envision? use your imagination and let me "rethunk" it to exactly what you'd like.
10 drawers - 4 small across the top and then three down each side
15 inches deep which makes it do-able as a buffet or sideboard piece
this piece no longer available to create...
SEE: "what i want them to know"...

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  1. I need to see pictures of it so I can visualize the finished product, but black is ALWAYS good :)