Sunday, July 19, 2009


So this posting is actually for the low dresser in the pictures above. I'll get to the info on that in a sec. First - i have to share that i have a teenager (two in fact) who have been watching me work in the garage for the last couple of months and who have been pretty patient when i ask them to help me drag furniture around my house to take pictures. So... when my 15 year old helped with this piece she thought it would be hilarious to be "in" the pictures. You can see in the last two photos her foot and then the top of her head. The 'hilarious' part for me was listening to her giggle as she "posed" for the pictures. Pretty awesome to me that something like that can make a 15 year old happy!!!!! I'm a lucky mama!
Now...the dresser...four drawers, amazingly heavy - drawers are on metal tracks and slide super - painted a creamy color - awesome black hardware - could be used lots of places. In fact before i had the hardware i asked my spouse to help me drag it upstairs so you can see that it would make a cool piece at the end of the bed - then we drug it back downstairs to use as a sofa table. (since it weighs 700 pounds this affected the price negatively for you all! ha!)
This piece sold.


  1. I am loving all of your stuff, and I may be interested in this. Could you tell me about where in Acworth you are located? My email is