Wednesday, July 29, 2009


as i get my kids ready for school...i keep thinking about all the time i am spending looking for clean school clothes and school supplies and reorganizing rooms and making sure everyone has a study spot and pushing them to get their summer reading done (did anyone else wait till the last minute on that??) and discovering that there is computer work for 3 of my five kids to complete and i'm already starting to dread packing lunches everyday and signing agendas and trying my hardest to figure out third grade math (HA! you think i'm kidding!) and as i do this and realize all the time it is occurs to me that as a must be an incredible sacrifice of time and energy. they go back before we do to get things ready and organized for i imagine teachers are already looking for clean school clothes, buying supplies with their own money, reorganizing rooms, making sure everyone has a study spot, getting ready to grade summer reading and computer work...etc, etc, etc. SO as a teensy weensy feeble attempt to say thank you for all that teachers do for my family i am having a "THANK YOU!" sale. if you are a teacher, please take 20% off of anything on the blog you might like to purchase. and know that our family truly appreciates all you do!!!!

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