Monday, October 12, 2009

am i in a rut?

so ...seems like i have snagged quite a few end tables i in a rut? i think not! look how amazingly different each one is! cream/black/marble/distressed/hardware/ all varies drastically!! :) as i post this little beauty, i have decided that i may have discovered another career path to becoming rich and famous that does not include always wearing my "grubbies" and having my friends giggle at spots of paint i have neglected to wash off as we're out in public together. what is that career path? you ask? i look at this photo, i realize that you can X out red eye, you can crop in a square, you can change the lighting, but no one has come out with the "crumb crop". see all those crumbs under the darling table???? well why the heck won't my photo program allow me to x those puppies out like i can red eye??? why can't i crop in a U shape to scoop them out??? and surely i'm not the only person needing to crop out the ocassional crumb or ginormous dust bunny! so my advice would be to buy this darling piece while i'm still doing furniture....cause who knows when my "crumb crop" will take off... :) or i guess i could just sweep...
this piece still available sold

1 comment:

  1. SO SILLY! Your work is awesome...crumbs and all! You inspire me!