Friday, October 2, 2009

YOU decide!

so i found this adorable sofa table and fell in love with the carved detail - after painting, distressing and antiquing i loved it even more - but decided it deserved something better than the chipped glass that came with i went shopping...and couldn't decide!!! i found three very different color schemes that i thought looked pretty with the cream. what to do... well i happened to meet two new friends that day (hey heather and jan!!!) and they suggested that i post it with the three different options and let YOU decide!! DUH! what a great idea!! (sometimes i'm pretty slow - but i can learn!) so here are your options:
basic black (how could that NOT be one of the choices, right?) black and cream floral - and in the photo the table is actually used as a sofa table
green - i loved this pattern - very classic design (and in this photo the table is in the entry way - great way to display special photos and have a place to throw your mail and keys when you come in) and last option:
the gorgeous light blue and cream pattern - such a peaceful piece of fabric (do i sound psycho? it really is a soft stunning pattern! and surprisingly neutral)
so... YOU CHOOOSE and the fabric will be permanently attached and scotch guarded against stains and wear. just let me know what floats YOUR boat!!
this piece sold

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