Monday, October 5, 2009


in anticipation of my soon to be launched WEBSITE!!!!!!! yep - you read correctly ... WEBSITE!!! i am having a sale - hoping to clear out some inventory! back to the sale in a moment. first let me tell you how insanely excited i am to have a website!!! i think it will help a ton! why you ask??? let me give you just two incredible plusses to the web site...
#1 - i will then begin to take credit cards - yee haw!!! lots more shopping options for you when that happens, huh????
#2 - you will be able to click a button and see everything i have for sale currently. how user friendly is that??? even I am not sure sometimes what i have left... and even my spouse won't scroll thru every blog entry to see what has sold - so expecting you to is a lot, i know. now it will all pull up when you click on the "sell" category.
more about the web site soon - just wanted to give everyone the heads up !!
now for the sale:
as usual - i will post the description for you to plug in the search box at the top left (and on the website all you will have to do is click on the "sale" button! did i TELL YOU how much i LOVE the amazing woman who set up the site for me????? if ANYONE needs any work like that done i have a name for you - she is outstanding!!!!!!
how fun is this (polka dot bookcase) was 135 - now 100
let's get organized (cubbies) was 50 - now 30
another chance to personalize (pink and black twin headboards) was 85 - now 65
monkey business (adorable dresser) was 75 now just 50! (good grief!)
very unique coffee table (very unique coffee table ha!) was 110 - now 80
sweet and simple (pink dresser with bow pulls) was 125 - now 100
way cute 2 drawer dresser (that's what it is!!) was 85 - now 75
owl print (wall hanging) was 42 - now 37
twin headboard with a handy little shelf space (green gingham) was 55 - now 40
our loss is your gain (stanley furniture trundle bed) was 150 - now 125
dining room table (antique oak claw foot table) was 150 - now 130
basset china hutch (cream backed with red accents) was 220 - now 198
happy bookcase ( cream with black swirl backing) was 85 - now 70
black and gingham (adorable nightstand) was 75 - now 60
storage space and so dang cute (awesome dresser and hutch!) was 230 - now 200
charming pink nightstand (yes it is!) was 60 - now 50
so there you have it - LOTS of sale options!!! check them out and see what you can't live without! and keep checking - the website is coming soon!!!!

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  1. Yippy, Laura. So happy for you. Can't wait to see the new website. Angie is certainly the best...wouldn't steer you wrong now, would I?!