Friday, October 2, 2009

not for sale....just a little suggestion for you

so i am figuring that after looking at this several of you will decide i have no class or taste whatsoever, remove yourselves from the "followers" list and tell your friends i need some therapy...but i was at a thrift store yesterday and i found a patient hospital cart. it was silver and rusted on the bottom and the lovely brown top we all know and love from being in the hospital giving birth to something or for more serious stays...
i thought to myself...hmmmm....i am gettin' pretty tired of holding my laptop, or stretching over to the nightstand, or laying it beside me and leaning sideways or trying to balance it on a lap i brought that hospital cart home.
after scrubbing and spraying the base and painting and sealing the top...
viola - a perfect place for my laptop as i sit in bed and post things for you to praise and purchase! perfect? yep! cause there is enough room for my laptop....AND a whole plate of food right beside it! (or at least some killer snacks!) hee hee
i have included a photo of my husbands laptop - just carelessly tossed on his nightstand - taking up lots of room and having to be hoisted on and off of his lap each time he needs to use it - ever so inconvenient! in fact - he has ordered a cart like mine (minus the flowers of course to preserve his manhood!) :)
this piece not available - but now when you see a hospital cart you can transform it for your own psycho needs!

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  1. I just love this idea! I would have never thought of that! I enjoy looking at your ideas and inspiration and laugh often. Then, I read that you have four children and still find time to do all of these wonderfully talented things! I have two...and can barely figure out how to get a shower regularly so thumbs up to you! Not only that, but in all of your pictures...your house is neat and beautiful...mine has my little pony and elmo everywhere!:) You are inspiring as an artist...and as a mama!