Tuesday, October 6, 2009

restful bedroom set

i think this is such a restful bedroom set. get it? rest-ful? REST-ful ? my family doesn't get me either...oh well... i DO think this is a peaceful, restful bedroom set. set includes:
headboard, footboard, wooden side rails,
tall dresser (not pictured)
3 drawer night stand
marble topped night stand (cool huh?)
all painted cream, distressed and antiqued. really beautiful set.
and i'm wondering if it would help me sleep thru the night...or maybe just moving away from the snoring spouse?.... :)
this set sold
so let me just take a minute and explain what kind of immense work is involved in taking pictures like this - you need to spend a little more time looking at these photos!
first - tom and i don our hard hats as we contemplate entering our 15 year old's room. (she's the one with a queen bed so we can stage this) as we enter i discover that her method of cleaning up lately has been to make stacks of things - and i realize that there are about 47 stacks of clothes, school supplies, beauty aids and misc debris all around her room on the floor. after moving these piles to the closet, i personally am ready for a nap - but we have work to do! and need to do it quickly as the closet door - where we moved the 47 stacks = will most likely blow off the hinges at any given moment and we don't want to be in the room when that happens!
so next i realize that in order to get a halfway decent photo we need to move the bed to the other wall ( i made her a WAY cute headboard out of wallpaper - you should try it sometime - but it cannot be "moved" - hence the reason for moving the bed). this requires taking things off the wall - and at this point - very conveniently - my spouse recieves a phone call for work. :) well =long story short (or is it too late for that? ha ha) i remove all the stuff hanging on the wall, move the bed to that wall (discovering in the process about 49 MORE piles under the bed!) and set things up - realizing as i do that i need to replace the wall hangings that show in the photo and take down and replace the curtains with something more neutral. can you even believe the lengths i go to to get a picture of the pieces i complete? can you begin to understand the depths of despair i feel after i go to all the trouble and none of you BUY the piece????? can you see that i would need to be medicated afer a couple of weeks of my incredibly difficult work sitting in the basement??? at some point during the moving and tugging and pulling tom almost always asks why i had to do the daggum furniture....why couldn't i just crochet stuff? LOTS easier to move around!!! ha! and today.... i asked MYSELF why i wasn't just makin' doilies!!!!

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  1. Laura!
    I need a set like this (except I need a twin) for Caitlyn's room! Can you help me find one? She needs a bed, dresser, book case & a night stand. Beautiful work!!!