Saturday, October 10, 2009

So this post is a thank you post to Amy Anderson - my mod podge hero (heroine? that always sounds like drugs to me). she featured one of my pieces on her blog today. incredibly exciting for me!!!!! yee haw!!! i LOVE mod podge and her site is amazing! way inspiring...makes you want to go work on a project right now!!! she has some of the best ideas and her before and after shots are sooooo fun! i've laughed with her about the fact that i used to giggle about my mother using mod podge but now i lay awake at night stressed when i am running low and wondering why it isn't sold in the gallon size. HA! (amy says it is!) anyway.... you should check out her blog- course remember that no matter what amy says on her blog, using mod podge is very very tricky and not something you should try unless you are a trained myself. (will that stern warning keep you all from trying things on your own so you have to keep purchasing from me???) hee hee

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