Saturday, October 10, 2009

could this little table BE any cuter???

i think this is adorable!!! i love the curves and the little pedestal that connects the two pieces. it's the perfect height for a couch or chair (i personally think it's too low for a bedside table - but if you're wanting your dog to be able to reach everything it may be perfect for you) :) looks cute in the family room here - but would also be darling by a chair in your bedroom. one of a kind little thing - don't you think you need it??
this piece still available $43.00


  1. Found your blog through MPR. I LOVE all your rethunk junk!!

  2. I <3 you and all your creations. I want to be your friend! I <3 chalkboards too! I have one over my kitchen desk that is 5' x 6' and one in my basement that is 6' by 8'!