Thursday, October 8, 2009

thrrough the eyes of a child

creamy white distressed end table with gorgeous carved detail - and that carving is on all four sides. very pretty little piece!!!
so there's a song by air supply (how old does it make me if i used to listen to and love air supply? anyone else willing to admit that or are you too chicken?) anywho - they have a song i love called the eyes of a child - it talks about how you can see hope and laughter as you look in the eyes of a child. well sometimes i do....and then sometimes i see someone i'd like to strangle :) and then sometimes i see someone that just makes me really happy. today my four year old emma made me really happy! how? let me waste some more of your time by giving you two examples....
#1 - i did not pay attention to the gas gauge as i was running errands today and when i looked down i was startled to notice that i was running on fumes! i talk out loud to myself (i've tried to stop and i can't) so emma heard me talking about running out of gas. well daddy just did that at emma's preschool (he's gonna LOVE that i mentioned that on my blog!!) and it was a big hairy deal!!! daddy was not happy so neither was anyone around him!!! based on that experience, emma was NOT looking forward to running out of gas. so = bless her heart = she asked me if she could say a prayer for us to get home. well obviously i didn't say here was emma's prayer to help us through this little struggle:
"dear heavenly father- please help mom get gas - amen"
does that sound hysterical to anyone else???
example #2 - i am selling this end table i am posting right now, and em has seen me arrange things for a photo so she asked if she could "fix it up for the picture" i told her sure. she would carry something over and put it on the table and then say "no, that's not right" or "no, that isn't what it needs" (things i say 100 times every time i do this) and after about 5 minutes (which is a long time for a four year old) this is what she came up with. (see the last photo!!) a bag of animal crackers and a roll of toilet paper. the table was sitting on dad's side of the bed and she was so so proud - she told me "mom - it's everything daddy needs!" was easy to see that joy in the eyes of a child!
this piece still available $58.00

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  1. Gotta love that Emma! And how simple Tom's life is, knowing that is all he needs.
    Love the table, too. And Air Supply (How about "All out of Love?" Are you humming it now?)